About Hayspixels

Hello my name is Hope Aw!

Photography has always been a passion and love of mine since my early teens and what started off as a hobby soon became my career path. 

In 2009, I embarked on my professional career starting off with events as well as studio photography. Eventually, I expanded into videography as I love capturing significant moments.

In 2013, I chanced upon an opportunity to be involved in the wedding industry and it has proven to be an exciting journey since then. I have worked on different kinds of shoots, ranging from proposal events to the actual wedding day itself. 

Some of the companies I have worked with over the years includes: HelpYoumarry, Twenty8picks, BackAlleyCreations, Knottin Visuals, Allaflutter and Pictureworks. 

Do head over to my portfolio to see the work I have done (weddings, proposals, couples, graduation & studio). I hope you enjoy all of them and I look forward to work with you soon! :)